About Me

Austin is more than where we live and work; it's a hobby, a sport, a delicious meal and a way of life. We come from many places and to us, Austin is the place that feels familiar, warm and like home.  

Austin is the world renowned small town, offering it's own unique culture and style. We can't say when or where our culture was defined; actually, it's being developed and enhanced each day by people from all over. People who bring their own gifts and talents to our community, enhancing it's uniqueness and adding their own beat to Austin's palpable vibe. 

Austin is a true melting pot for all to enjoy. Kindness abounds, people show gratitude and share abundance. Sound too good to be true? Ok, there is traffic sometimes... Traffic and all, this is how we feel about Austin. 


1601 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702
Jeff Nazzaro
Broker Associate